Monday, June 26, 2017

22 Million will lose Heath Care

Philando Castile's mother reaches $3m settlement over son's shooting death

Gold Plunges After 1.8 Million Ounces Were Traded in One Minute

One Meal A Day


Trump’s Anti-Nafta Stance Is on a Collision Course with Natural Gas

Supreme Court Will Hear Travel Ban Case

Conservatives agree pact with DUP to support May government

Hemingway, the Sensualist

BMW and Volkswagen Try to Beat Apple and Google at Their Own Game

Your Credit Score May Soon Look Better

Google will stop scanning content of personal emails

Corporate Tax Rate at 28% Seen as More Likely Than Historic Cut

These Are the U.S. Cities Where It Costs Too Much to Build

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Dr. Andrew Weil Says We’re Taking Too Many Medicines

Men Can Be So Hormonal

Art Gallery Closures Grow for Small and Midsize Dealers


Sacrificing Black Lives for the American Lie

Tourist boat with 150 on board sinks in north-west Colombia

Senate Leaders Try to Appease Members as Support for Health Bill Slips

America's Cup: Team New Zealand one point from glory after win over Oracle

Get Cancer Now, Before Congress Cuts Your Insurance

Sixty towers across England found to have unsafe cladding

Pablo Neruda - 2 Poems

White People Keep Finding New Ways to Segregate Schools

Two Conjectures Collide, Endangering the Naked Singularity

Mitch McConnell's AHCA Strategy

Mitch McConnell's AHCA Strategy - The Atlantic
The move to the middle has some disastrous articles -  like the one next to this on Maryland.

The Senate’s Disastrous Health-Care Bill

Medicaid Cuts May Force Retirees Out of Nursing Homes

New Casualty: Retail Jobs

In Towns Already Hit by Factory Closings, a New Casualty: Retail Jobs - The New York Times
I used to tell people in B2B - our real competition was the US Dept of the Treasury.

Ken Feinberg’s Alter Ego in Compensating Victims

Partisan gerrymandering benefited Republicans in 2016 election

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Brothers in Arms

It could just be me...


Men Don’t Want to Be Nurses. Their Wives Agree.

Is a Buddhist Group Changing China? Or Is China Changing It?

Who Really Needs to Be Gluten-Free?

Al Jazeera Is At the Center of the Qatar Crisis

That Ball Was Hit a Country Mile, or 495 Feet if You’re Into Hard Data

How Culture Became the Main Fault Line in American Politics


Black St Louis police officer shot by white colleague 'fearing for his safety'

GOP Push for 20-Year Tax Cut Grows as Ryan Seeks Permanent Fix

MPs from all parties are trying to stop an extreme Brexit

China landslide leaves at least 140 missing in Sichuan