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Monday, January 30, 2017

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To Walk in Beauty

Fon d'parikulur - 11

In another part of Port-au-Prince, Dr. Kenold was busy doing things he needed to do. The maps were piled around him on the desk – because he was one of the few who came in to the office on the weekend. There were other people at work, but mainly foreigners and people who worked with foreigners. There was one other category of people who would be on station: the criminals. The criminals who watched every street, every intersection, every door of the government. It is on the weekends that you know who really needs to work – for money, for profit, or out of necessity.
He was looking at one such tangle of streets, which was in the poorer land locked places in the town. Of course there were places which might be called “ strip clubs” in the West – but even local men needed someplace to engage in the steamier side of events. Thus off the main street were the places where men from Haiti would gather, though as often as not they did not actually have sex – just a stimulation. Because of course, men could have sex – but the toiling masses were not really men at all – in the minds of the prostitutes they were nothing more than sheep, not willing to grab what they wanted. And the women knew this instinctively, almost encyclopedically. While women do not read; they are none the less educated in what the business offers. Since men run the world; women run the men, until they get out of Haiti – and find that the world is very different from Haiti.
That the world is different requires one to meet people who have been there, and thus it is a secret kept from the majority of women – or is only a dream that they have.
Of course Dr. Kenold was disappointed that Jules was not there – though he had expected this. But after an hour he returned to his office, and stared in intense concentration. Of course the intensity was part of his way of forgetting all of the things that distracted him. The curves, the light, the shining in her eyes. It was all so beautiful, but he could not even reach for her hand to kiss on the cheeks. In a word, he was afraid; though he did not know of what precisely. There was a trembling to her form which bewitched and beguiled him. Then he realized that even his concentration was not sufficient, so he re-doubled his efforts and constituted on the side streets.
However, but, of course, and, his thoughts were still drawn to the meeting that was not. So he shifted his gaze to another part of the city: that of Route 1 – and its meander to the north, past the airport. It was near where ships unloaded, and each step was seamier than the last. He gazed at all of the side streets, and looked at both the Annex and the main building of a hospital. What was odd about this was their was no reason why the UN should be digging a trench where they were – at least they had not told the government what they were doing. And this was odd, because the UN was actually very good – at least on the scale of telling what they were doing. Realize this was not New York City, which there was an interplay between government and contractor. Most of the time people did what they want and only if they were caught did consequences from the government come into play. The UN was not supposed to be like that, because they were trained in large numbers of cities around the world, and took great care to respect the presence of laws, customs, and the little innuendos – which included bribing people who needed bribes. In fact, that was Dr. Kenold unspoken role.
In fact, the longer he looked at the digging – the more it seemed unusual. A gnawing uncertainty grew inside his mind – what if the UN were trying something not allowed? Even if eventually what they were doing would be dismissed with a gratuity, it would make sense that Alix would be involved in sliding someone who was not formally part of the government – everything would then be secret.
Under normal circumstances, Dr. Kenold would have dismissed this; but the weight began to tilt is mind towards the corrupt and venal. He wondered if there was something to it; how he could figure that out if it were. A thought occurred to him that he could drive out there and check, but he dismissed this almost immediately. But there was something that he could do, because he noticed that more digging was out North of the ship unloading. He knew someone who he could call, and have him investigate what the digging was. Immediately this sounded like a plan to him, and immediately started to dial on his phone the number of his half forgotten friend. At least it was a friend in a sort of way – he visualized the thin man's body with a tight cropped hair – which pleased his wife.
But he only got a message, and it was not even well worded.
“Allo? This is your old friend, Kenold. I have a little bit of a problem that you can help me with. I want to know if there is digging going on – especially if foreign individuals check the progress. Give me a call. “ he stopped and wondered if he should say goodbye, but thought better of it and hung up. He would of course tell his friend a little bit more than that. After all, this would be on his personal phone not his professional phone. If there were any secrets, that layer between the 2 devices might be useful.
He worked late into the night – and finally his friend called him, and they set on a short conversation about what he wanted his friend to look for, and tell him and the morning what he found.

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Sunday, January 29, 2017

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A high-speed getaway like no other

BBC - Travel - A high-speed getaway like no other

It  has been working for a decade. 

“The Salesman” and “Split”

Fon d'parikulur - 10

It was not a long wait for the mamba to come, and when she came she was only in a red dress, without the trimmings that defined her in the ritual. But she was still impressive, even as aged as she was. She did not even look at the other patients but went directly to Jules bed, and instead of sitting – stood there with her hands folded. Their was an air of menace, and a distant haughtiness – and before she spoke she glanced up and down at Jules – as if to take an image of what happened to someone who held a secret.
And a secret she had, bought Jules did not know what it was. But the mamba did, and she hushed her tone of voice to relate the story that the loa had recited when she had control of her body – because it was a woman who told the story. Once Jules realized that it was a woman she relaxed into the bed – because her greatest fear was assuaged.
There was no motion on Jules part, but the mamba made a swaying gesture, as if she was mimicking some ritual dance. And this was the story that the mamba told, her voice lighten, as if she was ridden by someone who was much younger, and more slight:
“First you must know mine name, because the name is the most magical thing that any person possesses. It defines whether you are a man or woman, it defines whether you are young, old, or ageless. It defines who your friends, and foes are. You may call me Anaisa Pie Danto. The glorious nature of love is my domain – love for money, love for happiness, love for loves sake. Do not worry to not fret, because I am a playful spirit – closed in yellow and pink. I travel with my other half, who is called Saint Anne. But enough about me, because all will be revealed in time.”
“When I come to the middle land, it is always for a purpose, usually it is light but sometimes it is for ill. Because sometimes a person can violate love to the extreme, and I become angry. This time I was here for a person, a person who is confused. I thought to help this woman, especially in her time of need. But you know which women it is, because I am now speaking through her mouth, and telling her story. Even though she will not admit the truth of what is to be said. But I know, and soon you will know – and if you are a good follower, you will help her – and not to harm her. In this way each will secure a good rasa, to use as Bondye – Mon Dieu – sees fit.”
“It was on the island of Haiti that I saw this woman alone, and at first I thought that I would help her find someone to love. A mad passionate kind of love would not be right, but instead a steady secure kind of love. At first I thought to send her away, because she has relatives in other lands – most especially the United States of America. But I looked away to attend to other things, and when I looked back, it was here that another Loa had been there first.”
“Glass had been shattered on his head, because he was not there to deliver good, but to deliver harm. His body was firm, and he knew the ways to seduce a woman, because that is his purpose. He had a great mastery of all of the features, and all of the rhythms.”
“Oh the great rhythms were what he was best at – But not so with hiding his contempt for the woman that he was – because this is the only word that can be used – fucking. It was a word that was on his face, even as he smiled and inserted. The slow and rhythmic insertion was in counterpoint to the terrible and nasty look on his face.”
“You should know that such a face boils my blood, and I could not stand the smirk – it drove me wild. But what was I to do about it? For though I come through the beyond, there is a price for everything that I do in this mortal realm. Therefore, I have to think about whether it is truly worth the price – or some person must exact something of themselves. The woman did not yet understand what I knew – and it would be too late. I know because I see into the future and the past, and she would find out in time.”
Reaching out of the above – the mamba stopped, as if she were taking a rest. Allowing all of the listeners to catch up with her. And their were many listeners, for about half of the people were quietly listening in – because they could not wait for the next word that the old woman said. Her eyes moved from side to side until she was sure that everyone had understood the deep problem which the invisible spirit was presented with.
The stopping of her breath and the beginning of it were a sign that she was going to continue, it seemed a long moment until her breath started rising and falling. Beginning again:
“Something had to be done about the wicked man, and then a thought occurred to me: surely there were other men who desired her. And one of them had to be a good man – even if there were plenty of wicked men who wanted her as well. Then my purpose in this mortal realm could be fulfilled – because I am not just love, but the spirit which will bring procreation. And who could not want more children in this world – especially from a lady like this?”
“Oh and oh... There must be someone who dripped with tense attention when her hips graced the mirror that was made into a dress. But finding such a person, is not my state – it is to much beneath my station. So that is what I tell all of you to do, including the woman herself. Find a true man, not the monster who plunders your furrow – and drinks a pair from the monster who lives below.”
There was no doubt that the mamba was extremely tired, very very tired indeed. And in a short second, drooped her head down on her neck. She almost seemed to be sleeping. Then she slowly lifted her eyes, and followed with the rest of her countenance. And without a word, slipped into the scrape and scarf of the entranceway. No one tried to stop, and it did not even occur to most. There were certain people who had power to come and go. Never stand between a priest or other person in the way of their course.
The entire affair struck Jules to her core. It was powerfully magical, powerfully mystical, and deeply spiritual – and with that she prayed, and prayed. Because no one else had spoken so clearly to what she felt within – that the man she was spending – herself – with was not the man for her. However, it would be far easier to make the separation to his face, then resolve in her mind. So easy is it to explain to someone else; so hard to do it for your own sake. This thought ran through her head. It was plain; and plain; a had no sense of - prestidigitation, or even visualization in digital. This was so unlike the novels that she carried around in her head, and she thought she would have to work on them.

 But nothing ever came.

As Bond Bear Market Beckons, Veterans Tell Tales of the Unknown