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Love and War - 04

Paris, France,
South of the river

In that exact moment in Paris, there was a commotion. Young men wanted to line up, while elderly people, and mothers of that exact age where they were above with child, were wanting up to get out of Paris. Everyone knew that it could be long war, though they were not saying so out loud. Foreigners were getting out, as out as good the gotten. Bread was also very expensive, left alone fish and poultry, and do not get me started on beef, which was skyrocket in price even as we spoke. The lines were changing day by day, minute by minute, until you did not know what price was going be, until you rested your arms on the table. Since children were out of school, though some children were attending summer school, there was a good deal of commotion on the streets, and in other places where children might have played. They were rioting, in a good nature way, because war had not been seen. Paris had not seen were, not in 1871, not in 1815, not since the time of the Directory, way back in 1780. no one really worried except a few people who thought about what it would be like if slaughter occurred, even people who believe in long war, not believe in slaughter in Paris.

Meanwhile in the 5th arroundisement, upstairs in the the nursery room, it was just dawn because they knew that they were going to be taken outside, almost at first instance, which would not do. F was looking around the crib, and signing. The Cat was mind its business, and no one else cared.
F was signed because of one thing, Peternotes and J were talking very slowly and quietly. Generally this meant he was going to be the odd man out, and that to would not do. He would rather be with J against Peternotes, though he and Peternotes against J wasn't really bad either. But this was wretched in the extreme, the two of them against him. So after some thought, he pushed his truck, obviously horse drawn truck, and more obviously wood simulated horse drawn truck, around the floor. This morning he decided that the truck was going to be flying, as well as running along. Some days he would just stare to distance, and think about all things could've been doing, what was not. This is what you get on this day, forgetting all of his troubles, finally he lost himself. But it was not to be, because round the bend came J, and of course Peternotes, playing a little pantomime as they went, and raising a ruckus. Out of his dream team for rush, then there was J's smiling face, with a nasty grin on its face.

“My dear darling F, could you do something, for me?” There was a bashful look on her face, one that countered extreme forwardness that she could not hide. He knew, and she knew he knew, that this was the question which was really on her mind, not in the slightest. He knew three or four moves, but that was not good enough, there was a catch, which eluded his brain power, but he knew that it was out there.

“Do not play with, what is his what is that you want? Then I will say no if you want yes, and yes if you want no, and do not try and tangle everything up, because I will sniff it out, and then will be back to yes no game again.”

“Now what I want to do that? When all of the permutations will sidetrack it?” Even though the were four, and a half, they were very clever, clever by thrice again what the average for their ages would tell you. They used large words, though not entirely precisely. However, between the two of them they were matched, and that means that they could be evenly paired. It is that even part that gets you in trouble, because anything that she could do he could do, and the reverse. So they stared at each other, trying to make a better move that he or she wouldn't have come to. But it was plane, this was not going to work. For all your soliloquies, plane little words, though French has a few twists and turns built-in to some lovely, ornate language, which everyone learns so as to make a mess of all language for anyone.

Then Peternotes came in to view, and he cleared his throat, and with aplomb announced:

“I have something important to say, as much as I love watching you stare each other down, there is someone who wants to play our game, two someone's in fact. And what's more they do not know that they want to play the game, which is all that much more fun. ”

At first, the younger people want to to cheer, then, you could hear a pin drop on the floor. It was not Peternotes, it was the aunt, the aunt who did not recognize Peternotes at all, who was watching, and tapping her foot, repeatedly. “You have to come downstairs, now, there are some things to do.” By which she meant family things, where Peternotes was not real, and should not be recognized as real. The aunt collected, the boy, and the girl, with girl looking back at Peternotes, making sure that he was all right, with girl resigned to her fate. But it was all right at the end, because Peternote wink at her, telling her it would be all right, soon enough. It was cold, absolute, and as rapid as it came. One minute there were three of them, the boy the girl and P, and then the next minute there were the aunt, and two children. Not quite two, not quite three. But Peternotes had told J that it would be all right, he would be waiting for them, even if after long time.

As Poincare declared in July of this year France was getting the war that it wanted. Realize in 1914, people did not think were was going, to happen when actually the war was put in motion. When the war at the top level was going, and people were getting about it as if it may not happen, when in fact it already happened just signing on documents was yet to be done. There is often a disconnect, people at the top know when war is going to start, and people at the bottom no when war is going to end. It was this way this time, the people at the top were maneuvering for position, which is strange because position doesn't matter in a great long war. What matters for short war is getting a grip on the enemy, and what matters long more is how do you avoid defeat. In July, 1866, it was quick and brutal, but enemies with in two of each other, and you could survey most of the damage from one part of land. In August, 1914, there was no such position called, an bodies were rapidly causing alarm, the German position was the fact, bad. But they kept piling up anyway. In for trials trials, to add then two by Germany, which was Prussia and allies for the first two thirds, and to buy France, though they did not know about last one which was in 1940. and they did not exactly know how 1914 was going to turn out. But they did know how the Napoleonic came out, and they knew how Bismarck came out. And remember Germany was down one in 1940, and shows truth anyway.

So in 1914, Germany thought it had the advantage, and pressed for another repeat of a decided lopsided 1866, when they had defeated Napoleon the Third. It was an annihilation. France on the other hand looked at it differently. They sought as [elane], it was not logical, it was c'est [logic], if that makes any sense. It did some Frenchmen, most importantly Joffre, who was the greatest master of the form. He, and only he could, discern what was to be the answer.

Some things would wait until with stars aligned with each other, and Peternote would be with them again, even if as I said it would be a long time. That will be part of the story which comes after, I promise you, but part of the second pass to come first, and then the third part, with Peternote, will come afterwards, I promise, I deeply promise, it will.

But there are other things to do. And those need to come first. Such as the Cat.

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