Monday, January 23, 2017

Fossils of wolf-sized otter unearthed in China

At least 3,000 geese killed by toxic water from former Montana copper mine

OPEC Helps Cheap U.S. Oil Find Its Way to Group’s Top Customers

Asteroid Mining Sounds Hard, Right?

Dutch PM Rutte: 'If you don't like it here, then leave'

Organisms created with synthetic DNA pave way for entirely new life forms

Supreme court rejects appeal to restore 'discriminatory' Texas voter ID law

Three men arrested in Sweden after Facebook Live 'gang-rape'

A Small Point of Usage Concerning Those “Alternative Facts”

3 Performances by Sumi Jo, Korean Soprano, Canceled in China

Texas Teacher Shouldn’t Be Punished for Marijuana Use in Colorado

Ancient Bits of Rock Help Solve an Asteroid Mystery

Twittversal Drawl - 01 (Novel)

1: This is New York. I know that "this" is an over-used phrase, especially when writing things down, but each word is accurate - and true.
2: So, I begin again: this is New York - though there are still some pockets where the pronunciation is mangled.
3: One is foreign - for example from Latin America, which is heavy on the Latin, but not lingam -
4: but the other is good, old, down home center of Neu Yark nativized drawl - though they would not used the word "drawl".
5: Best place to hear it, is beneath the - once - the house that Ruth built. Though, of course, it no longer was.
6: You may have guess that I study such things - and even tooked course toward a degree. English they called it - but I knew it as American.
7: Because, I never had known a real Englishperson - or people. And, anyway, they speak it with a number of differences.
8: Like "lorry" - what's that, you ask? Look it up, I have a fist full of links if you need them - or ask it on Facebook and Twitter.
9: Just to be clear: if you recount this to anyone else - tell them mine name. I need the publicity.
10: Where was I? Oh, yes, the shades of meaning between foreign and domestic pronunciations of New York - note it enunciations in my mouth.
11: With an example from the Bronx. Where I grew up.
12: But this is just elucidating – the needs to be a story someplace, and it needs to be told. But in batches; I will type to Twitter next.
13: And since I can be counted on to tell it, here goes to whole thing – one and all.
14: Though, it must be said that the is more "one" than "all" - because on the cosmic - and comic - scale of things, I am just a man.
15: What one man out of a U.S. Census Bureau @uscensusbureau? Just a man with a secret that needs to come out.
16: The whole can figure out what means, @WIRED and their article be damned
17: It is the point figure, as #aynrand knows, that determine the truth - not the faceless masses who scrape along behind them.
18: And cleaning up this mess is going to be a herculean task, not a four year tearing down. A thousand year task, if you get my meaning.
19: But the we of the #altright mean what we say, even if it is in code as thick as the #enigma machine stored in the #enigmamuseum .2: So, I begin again: this is New York - though there are still some pockets where the pronunciation is mangled.20: After all we all know the secrets - of moving the #pound and #libor, and #bitcoin with #gold together.
21: Even the #POTUS Press advisor, @KellyannePolls needs to speak in code - though she look good, there are things even she can't say.
22: In the #UK it is a little bit different - the writer know not to take connections the #PrimeMinister May and @rupertmurdoch seriously.
23: So don't cowed, comrades - there is more than #TheFirst100DaysToDoList , for @realDonaldTrump !

24: Whatever the #queer and #LGBT say about the #LGBTrights and other things. But let me tell my story...

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