Tuesday, January 24, 2017

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Twittversal Drawl - 02 (Novel on Twitter)

25: Every story begins someplace, but telling where involves at least a discussion, more probably an argument - and there are times when
26: the weight of academia is invoked and at least one paper in published. The are even places where a cabal is formed of dissertations.
27: Of course - which, also means "and" - there must be fights, which invariably leads to schools of dissertation; and counter-schools.
28: Some even penetrate beyond the hallowed grounds from which they sprang. Leading many people to have an opinion on the subject.
29: But do you really want to hear an uninformed lecture - from noone who has not a least a Master's - upon the author of Hamlet?
30: When, clearly to every scholar - who has done the least reading on the subject - the answer is clearly #OxfordIsTheBard ?
31: #IknewWeWereDoomed when PBS aired a "controversial" look at the subject - the nerve of them! Controversy? Oxford reigns forever!
32: One might as well say that #Oxforduniversity bows down to #cambridgeuniversitypress so different are the species.
33: Humsoever, my story in known - in it complete detail - by only me and one other person. And we shall talk about him later and some.
34: And I start it - though the dissertation and its defense. are awaiting a #PI - on Election Day, 2016; in #Timessquare. (Of course #NY )
35: Where half of the real stories end, and half of script store begin. It was about 7, and polls were just closed fully in 6 states.
36: While the polls vote were not counted - certain state were reliably in the consistency to merit only a closing - and a call could made.
37: In this moment - that brief moment when the close was recorded, and the announcement made - I knew that @realDonaldTrump would win.
38: The elation I felt was electric - even ecstatic - to know that times would be different - without the #Neoliberal shit that was shafted.
39: #AmericaFirst ! Without Mexicans stealing vote a proclaim a unborn President the winner, twice. It is to laugh - the secret laid bare.
40: Don't people get the news from Fox? The #altfacts are there for all to see, with #talkpoints for everyone to follow along.
41: Then the first announce votes were tallied, by #FOXNewsUS and all the #RighttoBearArms channels - according to the scriptures.
42: But no one but a few were smile yet - because the believed the lie. The lie that #HillaryClinton was going to win.
43: As easy as making a chipshot field goal according to the #NYTimes - though we warned the in the #NYTLetters - but they wouldn't publish.

44: #altfacts indeed! But they would find out soon enough - those #liberalsupermacy and their stream of rubbish.

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