Monday, February 27, 2017

How to See Japan's Cherry Blossoms

SpaceX to send two people around the moon who paid for a 2018 mission

Mischaracterizations, Misrepresentations and Lies

Life Span of South Korean Women Is Headed Toward 90

Time to Restart That Old Capitalism Death Watch

As Wall Street Thrives, America's Little Guy Chokes on Paperwork

'Angry white men':

'Angry white men': the sociologist who studied Trump's base before Trump | World news | The Guardian
Why is it funny that a swastika,  from India,  gets mixed up with a  Hebrew ritual,  to represent white individuals who have only limited amounts to do with either?



The Bond Market Is Calling

The Bond Market Is Calling Yellen’s March Rate Hike Bluff - Bloomberg

The bond  traders want money cheap so they can corral the poor into renting not buying.  it is an old problem -  do not let the bond market be dominated by a faction.

The Dishearteningly Safe 2017 Oscars

Woman deported to Singapore despite 27-year marriage

The old British tactic of divide and rule

Listening to Ordinary Russians by Drawing Them One by One

In ‘Walden’ Video Game, the Challenge Is Stillness

Cardinal Desmond Connell, Dublin Archbishop During Abuse Scandal, Dies at 90