David Casabonne - Voices

AMid Summers Day

Places that Remind Me............
East and West
Winter Quiet, Ausable Gorge, Waterford Canal, Indian Ladder & Stream
A Dog, Birds A Trail and a Road
Lakes and Rivers
North and South
Wintertime is a razor blade that the Devil made, its the price we pay for the Summertime
Winter Spring Summer Fall
Montgomery, Schenectady, Warren and Schoharie
Around New England
City Scape Kansas City Missouri
Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer
Around and About
Forever Autumn
Night and Day
On the Road to Nowhere
According to Simon and Garfunkle Everything Looks Worse in Black and White
Sweet Dreams and Flying Machines in Pieces on the Ground
We're Just Two Lost Souls Swimming in a Fish Bowl, Year After Year
From the Country to the City to the Shore
Lakes Rivers and Mountains
Well Tell Me, Tell Me Where I'm Going... I Don't Know Where I've Been
When You Try to See the Meaning, Hidden Underneath, the Measure of the Depth Can be Deceiving
But I Could Have Told You Vincent This World Was Never Meant For One as Beautiful as You
Well the Summers are Hot and the Winters Get Cold Not Alot Smarter, But Another Year Old
Ol' Man River, That Ol' Man River He Must Know Somepin', But He Don't Say Nothin'
Vers le bas par le fleuve (down by the river)
Where the River Flows
Philosophy Is A Walk On A Slippery Rock, Religion Is A Smile On A Dog
Days Of Future Passed
From Up Above It's Hard To See But You Know When You're There.
Ive Got Some Place I Need to Be, But Im Really In No Hurry